Blossom wears collar 9 & is a tortie & white 3-legged cat. She came to the sanctuary in March 2021 due to a Road Traffic accident her leg was badly fractured & her owners wanted her put to sleep. But the vet could not bring himself to do it as she was perfectly healthy cat apart from her leg injury. Sadly, her leg couldn’t be saved so had to be amputated & he asked Malcolms to find her a home.

We think she is around 2 or 3 years of age . She is a very affectionate friendly cat who loves a fuss & a cuddle & is used to being in a home. Only having 3 legs doesn’t seem to faze her & she has adapted very well to her new disability. She has been spayed.

UPDATE: Blossom found a forever home in October 2021 we wish her & her new family all the best for the future.