Hall of Fame

The MCPS Hall of Fame is where we introduce you to some of the cats that have lived at the sanctuary over the many years of the sanctuary’s existence. Be it because they were with us for a long time, have an interesting story to tell or just because they are plain cute!! You’ll also find many of the cats and kittens which have found a forever home here and sadly those that we have lost and have passed to the rainbow bridge.


Totty wears collar 235 & is a semi long-haired tabby cat. She came to the sanctuary as a small… Read More »


Vanessa wears collar 245 & is a ginger & white semi-long-haired cat. She… Read More »


Smudge wears collar 237 & is a white & grey semi long haired cat. He came to the sanctuary in August 2021 from a road… Read More »


Izzy wears collar 154 & is a pretty brindle cat. She came to the sanctuary in April 2021. We think she… Read More »


Twizzle wears collar 231 & is a pretty affectionate tabby with hints of ginger. He was found outside in… Read More »


Tabitha wears collar 14 she is a pretty semi long haired tabby cat with a little white under her chin.… Read More »


Poppy wears collar 240 & is a beautiful grey long haired grey tabby cat. She came to the sanctuary in May 2021 with… Read More »


Jonah wears collar 51 & is mainly all black cat, but he does have bits of white on him on his chest & at least… Read More »


Bungle wears collar 170 & he is a tabby cat he came to the sanctuary in August 2020 as a kitten we think he… Read More »


Seraphina wears collar 138 she is a pretty tortoiseshell cat who came to the sanctuary with Zeus… Read More »


Zeus wears collar 119 & is a handsome ginger boy. He came to the sanctuary in February 2021 with… Read More »


Gertie used to wear collar 13 but now wears collar 113 & is a tabby girl. She came to the sanctuary in August 2020 as a kitten… Read More »