Hall of Fame

The MCPS Hall of Fame is where we introduce you to some of the cats that have lived at the sanctuary over the many years of the sanctuary’s existence. Be it because they were with us for a long time, have an interesting story to tell or just because they are plain cute!! You’ll also find many of the cats and kittens which have found a forever home here and sadly those that we have lost and have passed to the rainbow bridge.


Joy wears collar 47 & is a ginger & white girl. She came to the sanctuary with 2 siblings Betsy & Ginny in more »


Samson wears collar 236 & is a tabby & white cat. He originally wore collar 215 but lost his original more »


Charlie wears collar 218 & is a ginger & white one eyed boy. He came to the sanctuary as a kitten in more »


Meg wears collar 174 & she is a totally blind black cat who resides in Ashcroft square more »


Taffy wears collar 243 & he is a semi fluffy ginger & white boy he came to the sanctuary with more »


Oscar wears collar 185 & he is a tabby & white cat who has been neutered. He came to the sanctuary in more »


Iris wears collar 229 & she is a very friendly lovely long haired black cat who loves to be brushed. more »