Kora wears collar 285 & is a tortoiseshell & white cat. She came to the sanctuary in October 2022 we think she was born in August 2022. She is a very sweet little cat...… Read More »


Andonagis wears collar 116 & he is a all peach handsome cat. He came to the sanctuary in June… Read More »


Fizz wears collar 74 and she is a tortoiseshell female cat. She came to the sanctuary in April 2023 we think… Read More »

October 2023 Kittens

These are just a few of the MCPS kittens that all need loving homes! Could you home one or more of these little cuties? Why not visit the sanctuary to see many more like...… Read More »


Evie wears collar number 241 & is a tabby female cat who has been spayed.… Read More »


Missy wears collar 233 & is a tortie & white cat & has been spayed she came… Read More »


Lulu wears collar 94 & is a brindle female cat & has been spayed. She came… Read More »