Peletico continue to support

Special Thanks to Peletico who still very kindly help the MCPS

Thanks to Peletico for supplying cat litter free of charge for the sanctuary to test, these trials have been going on now for over a year. We have tested a number of types including Otto, Best Friend, Best Quality Ultra, Zoogo,Nordig and Thomas. We never realised how many different types and grades of litter existed until we embarked on this exercise. All the litter is tested for Odour Control, Clumping, Clump Size and whether it sticks to the bottom of the litter tray or not. Each pen has a control sheet which is ticked by the sanctuary helper on a daily basis. These sheets are collected at the end of each month and the information collated and sent to Peletico for information. The information we send them helps them to evaluate the properties of each litter and is used by them to improve or modify the product. We would like to give a big thanks to George Americanos of Peletico who organises which litter we test and always has it ready for us when we need further supplies. Also thanks to our members Heather and Peter who visit the Peletico site and pickup and deliver the litter to the sanctuary.

Most of the Peletico products are exported and available in the UK. They also do own brand products Waitrose and Morrisons so if you need any cat litter please buy Peletico products.

Photo Credit: Christos Peleties