Cats Needing Homes


Sam doesn’t wear a collar number & he is a all black long haired cat with only 3 legs.… Read More »


Sammi wears collar number 206 & she is a tortie & white cat. She came to the sanctuary in… Read More »


Cookie wears collar number 219 & he is a very striking tabby & white cat. He… Read More »


Ken wears collar number 154 & he is a semi- long haired tabby & white cat.… Read More »


Snowy wears collar number 142 & is a white & tabby semi long haired boy. He came to the sanctuary… Read More »


Bindi wears collar number 15 she is a black & white semi-long haired cat & came… Read More »


Kora wears collar 285 & is a tortoiseshell & white cat. She came to the sanctuary in October 2022 we think she was born in August 2022. She is a very sweet little cat...… Read More »


Andonagis wears collar 116 & he is a all peach handsome cat. He came to the sanctuary in June… Read More »


Athena came to the sanctuary in August 2023 & she wears collar number 190. She is a tabby & white cat who… Read More »