What Do We Do?

Unpaid volunteer helpers take turns feeding the cats and cleaning twice daily; since we never have enough feeder/helpers some volunteers feed the cats on two or more days a week.

Our cats are always fed dried food twice each day. As an extra treat, visiting tourists are very generous. We ask that our visitors don’t bring chicken with bones, as it is dangerous for the cats.

Additionally we purchase medicines, etc., to enable us to give First Aid treatment when necessary (e.g. eye problems, cuts, worming) and care for those cats and kittens which need extra special attention. We are extremely appreciative of any veterinary or other associations who would like to donate supplies to us.

Local veterinary surgeons offer advice and provide expert medical attention when required at a concessional rate. We are very grateful to them.

Volunteers are also improving the facilities on the site itself; since we have moved our site, there is always new work to be done. We always welcome the help people can give. We also continuously do gardening and general upkeep of the site.

Of course, all of the Feeders and Helpers spend quite a bit of time at the Sanctuary, just holding and loving the cats. This is perhaps the largest reason for the success of the Sanctuary, and for the health and well being of the cats who live there.

Many times, just a few minutes of TLC from a human will make the difference between a cat or kitten choosing to live.