Hall of Fame


Ralf wears collar 159 & is a pretty grey cat. He came into the sanctuary as a kitten with 3… Read More »


Mille wears collar number 297 & is a brindle tortie cat who came into the sanctuary as a kitten… Read More »


Olga wears collar number 40 & is a pretty black & white cat. She came into the… Read More »


Minky wears collar 115 & is a very pretty semi long haired grey she came in to the sanctuary… Read More »


Rupert wears Collar 152 & is a grey cat he came in to the sanctuary with 3 siblings Ralf… Read More »


Myrtle wears collar 255 & is a pretty tortie & white girl who came to the sanctuary as… Read More »


VW wears collar 169 & is a pretty tabby & white boy who was found by tourists as… Read More »

October 2019 Kittens

These are just a few of the MCPS kittens that all need loving homes! Could you home one or more of these little cuties? Why not visit the sanctuary to see many more like...… Read More »


Romulus wears collar 152 & he is a handsome dark ginger cat. He was found outside the… Read More »


Blossom wears collar 306 & she is a tabby cat, she was found outside the sanctuary in April 2019 pregnant… Read More »


Mungo wears collar 259 he is a tabby & white cat, he came to the sanctuary as a kitten in… Read More »


Ebony wears collar 147 & he is totally black & semi long haired cat. He came to… Read More »