Hall of Fame

June 2019 Kittens

These are just a few of the MCPS kittens that all need loving homes! Could you home one or more of these little cuties? Why not visit the sanctuary to see many more like...… Read More »


Biscuit wears collar 155. She is a pretty tortoiseshell tabby with a… Read More »


Grissom wears collar 241 & came to the sanctuary as a kitten in April 2008. Grissom is a… Read More »


Lavender wears collar 153 170 & is a pretty grey cat. We think she was born around December 2017, she came to… Read More »


Squidge wears collar 185 & is a pretty little brindle cat. We think she was born around… Read More »


Pansy wears collar 168 & is white & black cat & was one of Opals kittens. She… Read More »

Mr Grey

Mr Grey wears collar number 115 & he is a very pretty grey. He was found outside the sanctuary with… Read More »


Ellie wears collar number 61 & she is a very pretty grey & white cat. She was found in the… Read More »


Inky wears collar number 255 & he is a black & white cat. He… Read More »


Penny wears collar 210 she came to the MCPS in June 2018 she is a pretty dark… Read More »


Linos wears collar 67 & is a lovely white & tabby semi long haired cat. He came… Read More »