Robbie Burns

Robbie is one of our cats who was badly burned through oil being thrown at him by a restaurant owner who didn’t like him being around. Despite his injuries Robbie is most loving cat in the world. He loves being fussed & cuddled.

Robbie loves being fussed & cuddled it is one of his favourite hobbies.

Many people visit the Sanctuary to see Robbie as he is a favourite among helpers, feeders & of course visitors all over the world.

Visit Robbie for yourself to see why! How anyone can not love Robbie, is beyond me!

Robbie was adopted by a lady in England in October of this year. He flew to the UK to be with his new owner on the Pet Passport scheme.

He will be missed by all at the MCPS, his new owner has kindly offered to keep us updated with stories about him.