Sadly we lost 2 of our old sanctuary friends this week

Regrettably we lost two of the older the older cats on vets advice.

Despite daily treatment by two vets for the last 5 days. Foxy, who had stopped eating started suffering from uncontrollable nervous head shaking and was simply wasting away. The vet’s felt their was no more we could do and sadly she was put to sleep this morning.

Pigpen a black and white cat who always looked the worse for wear, had been plagued by flies for several weeks, despite daily wipes by helpers with water and regular brushing and washing.

He developed the 1st signs of a cold last week and was not vaccinated, but only wormed on veterinary advice. As the cold developed in his eyes, antibiotics and vitamins were administered, however he stopped eating fully and by yesterday afternoon simply seemed to give up. Strangely even the flies abandoned him. This morning during a routine check it was discovered that he had a prolapsed rectum and despite the vets efforts he too had to be put to sleep to end his suffering.

Rather a sad morning for all helpers both cats will be sadly missed at the sanctuary.

Foxy & Pigpen are both pictured in our Hall of fame photos. Foxy is the cat featured dated 28th Aug 03. Pigpen’s entry is 27th Sept 04.