you are always welcome to visit the sanctuary Opening times 9 to 11 & 2 till 4pm daily

The cats always love to see visitors & you are always welcome to spend time with the cats. You will always find a helper/feeder on site during opening times but sometimes they are often busy cleaning out the hospital/recovery units, kitten area and dealing with any sick cats we might have and often don’t realise visitors have arrived. If you need any help, want to buy something from our shop or want to sponsor or adopt one of the cats give a shout and someone will come out to lend a hand. If you are happy just sitting with half a dozen cats on your knee then take a seat, soak up some sun and enjoy. It is a lovely spot to sit quietly and comtemplate life, read a book, catch up on the newspapers or just snooze quietly undisturbed except for the constant purr of happy cats. Pictured a visitor enjoying the cats or should it be the cats enjoying a visitor??