In a crisis food parcels are always welcome!

At the start of the Coronavirus restrictions we at Malcolm’s Cats put out an appeal for food, cleaning materials etc. because our fund raising effort had been really badly affected – the sanctuary is shut to visitors, the Charity Shop is temporarily closed and the events calendar has been totally devastated.

As usual, supporters rallied round and we received much needed donations of wet and dry food, disinfectant and bleach – we even received a giant bar of chocolate for the helpers who were manning the sanctuary. This has been really useful and most welcome but now Cyprus is on lockdown with non-urgent movement restricted people are unable to bring us these vital supplies.
To help overcome this, TRCI Cyprus Ltd., one of our main food suppliers, has kindly offered to sell single bags of the two main foodstuffs we use, Gran Forma Adult food and Gran Forma Kitten food directly to supporters at the special bulk price of 29 euros for a 20kg bag of adult food and 26.50 euros for a 10kg bag of the kitten food.

They are also offering a 40% discount off the list price for other cat foods from their range (to get this additional discount please quote reference SHEL40 at checkout). They are also waiving the delivery charges for delivery to us at the sanctuary.

This is a really fantastic offer which allows supporters to provide real and much needed practical help at such a difficult time.

So to donate food to Malcolm’s Cats please go to the on line shopping facility quoting reference SHEL40.

THANK YOU and please stay well.