Two Kittens rehomed in Holland

Thanks to Laura & Damian who contacted us through our website.

Two of MCPS kittens were lucky enough to be re-homed by a lady & her partner Damian from Holland. Laura contacted us through our website to ask if she could home some kittens after her rescued cat from Greece was killed by a car.

Mary made the necessary arrangements for the kittens to be flown back to Belgium with Laura when she visited the sanctuary. Unlike the UK law, the kittens were allowed to travel on Laura’s return flight with her in the cabin. The custom laws are different in Belgium so there was no need for the strict quarantine that applies to the UK or any need for the pet passport scheme.

The reason Laura flew into Belgium is because it is nearer to her home than any of the Dutch airports.

Laura named her kitten Meli. The other kitten she took for her Uncle who has named his Mikkos.

The photo was taken in the cabin of the aircraft & you can see flying didn’t seem to bother Meli & Mikkos!

Laura & Damian have kindly offered to send more photo’s & updates of the kittens. I hope to add more stories & photo’s at a later date.