A old sanctuary tale

Tuna was a cat from the old sanctuary

This story was sent to us by Steve Hawker a web designer now living in the UK.

We?d only been in our quarter a week when a longhaired cat invited herself to dinner. Neighbours said that she?d lived in our bungalow, until her family had returned hastily to the UK, having given her to the Cat Sanctuary. Our guest had made her way home around the wire, through the scrub and across the station. We adopted Tuna (her favourite food) and took her back to England. Sadly, she died in 2003. We had her body cremated and, during a visit to Akrotiri, I scattered her ashes on the scrub near our former quarter.

Steve now manages the www.samsmotors.com website in Limassol.

It is always good to hear success stories about our cats& to know that they have been loved & cared for.