Wine Tasting Fundraiser Success

On Saturday 9th October

On Saturday 9th October wine lovers and cat lovers gathered in Souni to taste the wines of the Monolithos winery Pachna and enjoy a buffet lunch. Three red wines and three white wines were on offer and everyone present was given the opportunity to taste all the wines.

Bambos the owner of the winery gave a short and interesting talk on how the winery started, the methods of production and which grapes were used to produce each wine.

This was our first venture at this type of event and proved to be a great success in taking ?146 pounds for the sanctuary.

Thanks to all our supporters who attended and special thanks to Larraine for organising and hosting the event at her house.

Also thanks to Larraine and Pauline who provided the splendid food for the buffet.

We will be holding some more wine tasting events next year so watch out for our announcements !