June Fundraising success’s

Bin a tin & Car boot

Sat 4th June saw 2 wonderful success stories for the sanctuary & it’s cats.

Sue Charlie Dobson & their daughter Louise organised a Bin-A Tin at Episkopi.

3 x 2kg bags kitekat biscuits

1 x 1.5kg bag whiskers biscuits

3 x 300g bags whiskers biscuits

3 x 100g kitekat pouches

12 x 100g whiskers pouches

12 x 800g Tin kitekat

2 x 400g Tin kitekat

7 x 400g Tin felix

22 x 400g Tin micky

3 x 400g Tin authers

5 x 400g Tin whiskers

15 x 400g Tin tesco`s

Calenders x 5 =17.50

Donations =17.86

Thanks to the Dobson family & to all that donated to the cats.

Pauline went along to help and harrass at the boot sale. It was Hot and the place was very busy! Well done to Gill, Patsy, Karen, Gill Pollard and Sylvia (Helen’s Mum) for working so hard and raising ?272.35 for the cats! Not a bad amount when most items were selling for 20/50 cents! Sure the cats will be most grateful, see you all at the Disco next Friday.

If you need tickets or further info please contact catsanctuary@hotmail.com