Grace & Heathers coffee Morning

On Sat 16th April Grace & Heather held a Coffee/Sherry Morning on behalf of the MCPS

Despite having completed an eight hour shift at the Sanctuary on Friday, and entertaining UK visitors for the week, Grace and Heather excelled themselves and produced a wonderful spread of Easter cakes and bicuits at their Coffee Morning in Trimiklini last Sunday. Butterfly buns, ginger biscuits, truffles, toblerone and marshmallow concoctions (very sinful!), sausage rolls, lemon biscuits and various other home-made goodies were available, looking and tasting terrific.

A steady stream of arrivals ensured that the goodies were soon depleted, and Steph did her usual good job of enticing people into the MCPS "shop" laid out in the lounge and convincing them that they couldnt live without many of the items on display. The weather was ideal for sitting outside and catching up on everybody’s news and it was lovely to see so many people there enjoying the hospitity and helping to raise a magnificent ?159.

Thank you Grace and Heather, you had obviously worked extremely hard, but the cats want to know where their share of the sausage rolls are?