Cfor a New Beginning

As many of you will know, Cfor suffered a nasty accident during The Great Escape of August 2006.

He was missing for a week until he managed to drag himself back to the Sanctuary where it was discovered that he had a shattered knee and broken hip (on opposite sides). After two operations and some excellent nursing and love from Jim and Lisette Ashcroft, Cfor returned to the Sanctuary and became one of the resident cats on the Adopt a Cat scheme.

His story featured in the November issue of The Grapevine magazine and caught the attention of Stella, a Dutch lady living in Paphos, whose own cat had died last year at the ripe old age of 20. She had said then that she would not have another cat, but in her own words "life is just not life without a cat to share it with". She had put off finding another companion as she was very worried about whichever cat she chose jumping from her apartment balcony in order to go exploring.

Cfor’s story in the magazine included the fact that he could no lo9nger jump – it seemed to be just what Stella was looking for and after paying a visit to the Sanctuary, she and Cfor returned to her home in Paphos.

Stella wrote to the Sanctuary within five days of collecting Cfor to say:

C for doing great! he was at home right away and is the most affectionate and easy going cat I have ever met. He is truely wonderful.

Stella had already said that she would be changing his name to Florian, and that he would be undergoing Dutch lessons and we recently received the following from her:

Florian sends his love. He is very happy, he spends a lot of time on my lap or sleeping on one of the sofa’s. His favourite toys are my old stockings ( a real Tom, afer all ).As he turned out to be a hysterical litterscratcher, I bought him a beautiful new covered littertray. It took him an afternoon to get used to it, but now he loves it. Especially because it is colour-coordinated with his foodbowl and the curtains. So you see, he has moved up in the world and really thinks of himself as a sophisticated housecat.