This is Twiggy – found in the road near the sanctuary in a big hold-all with a bag of ‘light’ biscuits. She weighs 12kilos and the vet has put her on a very strict diet – not surprising. At the moment she spends all day in her bed in a pen but we hope to get her moved outside where she can get some exercise. Apart from being very overweight she a lovely affectionate cat and has lovely soft fur. We are awaiting the results of blood tests to make sure her internal organs aren’t damaged by being so overweight.

Could you find space in your heart and home for one of the latest additions to the MCPS family? It will have to be a large space as Twiggy weighs in at a whopping 12kgs/26.5 lbs and will cause serious damage to your lap if she is able to reach it.

She was found abandoned in a tied sack in the middle of a busy road near the Cat Sanctuary and was quickly installed in one of our hospital units where she has become a favourite with helpers and visitors alike. She has been examined by the vet and found to be perfectly healthy, apart from early indications of fatty liver disease. She is now on a short course of medication for this and is expected to regain normal levels again.

Twiggy is now on a strict diet and is already responding well with her first weigh-in due later this week. She is a sweet-natured and playful cat who loves cuddles and attention although she does appear to be nervous of other cats, but then again, wouldn’t you be when faced with 140 others? We desperately need to find a home for Twiggy where her diet can be monitored to help her regain her former sylph-like figure and energy levels; she is currently living in a pen in one of our hospital units as it is the only way we can ensure that she has no access to any food other than her carefully controlled diet biscuits – yummy!

Update: Twiggy’s original owners came back to the sanctuary & re-claimed her 3 months after dumping her!!!