Titcho was found with no claws.

I was found by my rescuer lying on the pavement unable to move. She took me to the vets and he said my injuries were consistent with falling or being thrown from a considerable height.

He also discovered that my claws had been surgically removed which was a very, very painful thing to happen to me. The vet treated my injuries and my rescuer took me home to heal. She tried very hard to find my owners but nobody wanted me!! I am now fit and she is desperate to find a loving home for me!!!

I am unable to defend myself. I have to live in an apartment as gardens are dangerous places for me as I cannot climb and would hurt myself if I tried. I am, surprisingly, still very affectionate and need a loving, caring home.

I have been neutered and, of course, will not cause any damage. I am, so they tell me, a very handsome Tabby cat about 2/3 years old. I am now very happy to say that I am living in a special area at the Sanctuary where I am safe, free and very well cared for but I would still love a new home.

Update: Good news! Titcho has been homed.