Glyns MCPS Gourmet Gathering

On Saturday 12th Jan Glyn held an MCPS fundraiser at his home

Those of you attended ‘Glyn’s Gourmet Gathering’ last Saturday will knowwhat a great success it was. 65 people spent a very enjoyable afternoon inthe sun, eating lots of lovely food, drinking good wine and meeting old andnew friends. We made the wonderful sum of 932.40 Euros for our furryfriends at the sanctuary.Thanks must go to Glyn and Krystian for working very hard to make it such asuccess and for opening up their beautiful home for the event. Also thanksto Grace for organizing everyone and also to all those who contributed food,namely Sue P for her pate, Sue D & Heather for Gateaux, Karen Wheatley fortons of coleslaw, Mick Vickers for his famous potato salad, Doreen fortrifles and Rosemary for her wonderful mince pies and sausage rolls.A very social event while at the same time raising much needed money for thesanctuary.