Sid wears collar 190 Sid no longer wears a collar number 190 as everyone knows who our Sid is! He came to the MCPS from one of our vets. He is a very handsome lovely natured tabby & white cat with three legs & has lovely green eyes.

Update: Sadly in 2020 Sid had an eye infection which sadly resulted in him having to have one of his eyes removed. He is still an adorable boy though.

He had been taken to the vets by tourists, but we think he had been found before he was actually lost. He came into the sanctuary in December 2018 we think he was born sometime in 2017.

Sid had already had his leg amputated before he went to the vets so we believe he already had a home. 

Sad Update: we sadly lost Sid in September 2021

An earlier photo of Sid