Rainbow Bridge


Malc wears collar 62 & is a very friendly, mischievous, black & white boy. He came to the… Read More »


Seamus wears collar 153 & he is a very friendly small one eyed black & white cat. He came to the… Read More »


Clara wears collar 155 & is sweet ginger girl. She came to the sanctuary in July 2019 as a kitten she was found… Read More »


Joy wears collar 47 & is a ginger & white girl. She came to the sanctuary with 2 siblings Betsy & Ginny in… Read More »


Scats wears collar 50 & is a black & white cat. Scats was born in in June 2010 so is quite an… Read More »


Charlie wears collar 218 & is a ginger & white one eyed boy. He came to the sanctuary as a kitten in… Read More »


Merlyn wears collar 413 she is a tabby & white girl who came to the sanctuary in… Read More »


Elena wears collar 114 & is a very pretty semi long haired tortie cat she came in to the… Read More »


Willow wears collar 330 & she is a black & white cat who has been spayed. Willow came… Read More »


Ralf wears collar 159 & is a pretty grey cat. He came into the sanctuary as a kitten with 3… Read More »


Ebony wears collar 147 & he is totally black & semi long haired cat. He came to… Read More »


Lauren wears collar 85 & is a lovely tortie & white cat. She was found outside the… Read More »