Hall of Fame


Buffy is a very loving pretty cat who has a cataract on one of her eyes.… Read More »

Robbie Burns

Robbie is one of our cats who was badly burned through oil being thrown at him by a restaurant owner who didn’t like him being around. Despite his injuries Robbie is most loving cat...… Read More »

Gris Gris

I am the oldest lady of the Sanctuary. So I must be the Queen! I am the only pedigree cat & have been around since Malcolm ran the Sanctuary.… Read More »


This is Ginge. He is disabled which makes him fall over. Despite his disability Ginge is a very happy loving cat who will always be found either near or in the kitchen. He has...… Read More »

Rusty and Scruffy

These are the two cats which were homed by Mark, our new website designer. They joined his two pure white cats, Newton and Einstein, in their home in Oroklini, near Larnaca.… Read More »