Rainbow Bridge


Fester wears collar 109 & he is a pale semi fluffy ginger boy & came… Read More »


Emily wears collar 261 and is one of the October’s 2017 kittens. She is a tortie/tabby with bits of… Read More »


Line-backer is a ginger & white that should wear collar 82 at the sanctuary though he lost it… Read More »


Darcy or Mr Darcy is an all black cat that wears collar 240 at the sanctuary. He came to the… Read More »


Nova wears collar 405 at the sanctuary. She is a black & white cat. Nova came to the sanctuary in… Read More »


Twiggy wears collar 203 at the sanctuary & came to the MCPS in Sept 2016 in a very poor condition. Which is why she was… Read More »


Hannah wears collar 236 at the sanctuary & she is a black & white cat. She came to… Read More »


Jester is one of our many black & white cats. He wears collar Number 25 at the sanctuary.… Read More »


Malou wears collar 99 at the sanctuary & she is a tabby & white cat. She came into the… Read More »


Pinkie wears collar number 347 at the sanctuary & she is a what’s known as a… Read More »


Snowball wears collar 102 at the sanctuary she is a mainly white cat with some ginger patches on her. She came to the… Read More »