MCPS to take part in trials

The Sanctuary is currently taking part in trials for New Peletico Cat Litter

Thanks again to Peletico, for helping the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary. We appealed yet again to Peletico for their help, as 100kgs of litter only lasts about 1 week. Georgette, the export mananger of Peletico, said she would ask her Managers, as a decision would be necessary from them. Mark Shelley our web designer helped by designing a banner on behalf of Peletico. This was sent to Peletico’s management team, & they decided that MCPS could take part in trails of a new litter which they are producing called ‘BENTONITE’. Peletico have kindly offered to donate 100kgs of litter per week for the next 2 months, providing that the MCPS reports on the different grades received, to find out which is the best grade for cats. So, when you see the new litter ‘BENTONITE’ in the shops, you will know that MCPS took part in the trial & our cats always know whats best! The banner that Mark produced for Peletico now features on our home page. If you would like a banner advertising please email Mark at for further details.