PELETICO to the rescue!

A Special Thanks to Peletico for their generous donation

All at the MCPS especially the feeders & cats would like to thank Peletico Ltd for their generous donation of over 500kgs of desperatley needed cat litter. Sadly our funds are over stretched & we cannot afford to buy litter, so we are having to resort to using sawdust.

After a appeal to a local company based in Nicosia they kindly donated 100kgs of Litter to the MCPS. Within a week this stock was exhausted so we re-appealed & they kindly donated a further 500kgs.

The company exports most of the litter to Scandinavia where it is labelled as Best Friend. This is also a known brand in Cyprus, along with Magic Sand. The brand name Thomas is the brand we recognise in the UK.

If you would like further details about Peletico or to donate further litter supplies to MCPS please email You can also visit the Peletico website at

Having cat litter makes a world of difference to the cats & feeders. As you can see from the pen using sawdust!