Mr B

Mr B has been at the sanctuary a couple of years. The reason for his collar is he has bad burns the same as Robbie Burns.

Mr B (Short for Mr Burns!), has the most loving temperament just like Robbie Burns.

He had hot oil poured all over him just like Robbie, but won’t allow his wounds to heal properly!

Mr B won’t stop licking his wounds, so he has to wear a collar at times to stop him from scratching & causing re-infection to his wounds.

He is one of many cats at our sanctuary, who need special medical attention. He is loved by all of the feeders & of course many visitors look out for him.

Sadly Mr B had to be put to sleep in September 2003, his body started to react to his burns that never healed & he developed more open sores. He will be sadly missed by all at the MCPS.