?Bin a tin day?

The inaugral Bin-a-Tin day at Lyssiotis supermarket took place today and was a success. A special thanks to the owners of the supermarket who kindly welcomed our MCPS volunteers.

Special thanks to Yvonne for organising the event, & also to Patsy, Grace & John Mapplethorpe who volunteered to help with the event.

Thanks to everyone who supported the event. I am sure that if the cats themselves were able to speak they would convey their sincerest and warmest thanks.

The final tally of donated food is as follows:Large tins food 4Normal size tins 63Bags of biscuits 2Boxes of biscuits 4Donations ?6.57 The MCPS hope to hold a further event in the near future.

Our next fundraiser date is 2nd April. Please support this event