Fostered Mum

This is a photo of a Mum who has been staying with Yvonne & Richard for the past two weeks whilst recovering from a dental op to remove a few teeth. Mum came to the sanctuary last year as a very young cat with a litter of kittens, sadly all of which subsequently died despite her best efforts. Mum did however then take on a litter of pure black kittens who were without a mother and all of these went on to be homed.

Mum had been shot at some stage as she had a lead .22 shotgun pellet embedded in her ear, but this was removed earlier this year and she is now looking for a warm and loving home.

She is such a lovely cat, it would make Yvonne & Richards year if she could be found a good home. A very affectionate and undemanding cat, Mum would suit a home with a warm lap and much love… you fit the bill?…….

Sadly Mum died at the sanctuary but she did have a happy time at the sanctuary.