River Pub Barbeque

On 15th July Val and Ollie, proprietors of the River Pub, certainly did the MCPS proud.

They laid on the whole barbecue, followed by karaoke, and all we had to do was provide a raffle. They even donated 2 bottles of wine towards it.

They donated money from every ticket sold, for the barbeque so that, with the raffle, sales and donations, the total amount was ?106.80.

Thanks must go to Rita, as she did most of the hard work.

Debbie delighted us all with her singing. She was great, so we’ll keep that in mind for future events.

Another added bonus, is the fact that the MCPS have gained 2 more helpers.

All that participated had a really good time, and keep our fingers crossed that Val and Ollie, will do the same or similar again.

Thanks again to Val & Olle at the River pub Limassol.