Fastest success homing at the MCPS

Jessica a very young Persian cat left outside the home of one of our helpers, her collar very obviously having been removed. She was very neglected. Her coat was matted, she had ear mites, very dirty eyes and was very thin but it was still possible to see how beautiful she could be. Our helper took her in and she had some tlc before being taken to the vets to have her coat shaved, be spayed, etc., before being taken to the Sanctuary. In the meantime we successfully traced a couple who had previously been to the Sanctuary looking for a Persian kitten as companion to the Persian they already owned. Eventually arrangements were made for them to see Jessica and on the morning she was taken to the Sanctuary they arrived to meet her. It twas a case of love at first sight and the quickest homing on record ! The pictures show her looking much better with her new Mum and rescuer.

We have since heard that she is wearing a “sock” coat to keep her warm and hasn’t stopped eating. This is obviously going to be a case of “and they all lived happily ever after”.