Hopscotch is one of the cats on our adopt a cat scheme

Sadly on June 8th 2016 we lost our beloved Hopscotch to Rainbow Bridge.

Hopscotch came to us as a kitten in September 2006, having been rescued from children who were torturing and abusing him. He needed intensive nursing, and has been left with some health problems, but his terrible experience has not stopped him from trusting humans and he is one of the most loving little cats we have in the Sanctuary.

He can be a little wheezy at times, and his legs don’t always do what he what he would like them to do, but he has settled happily into life with his furry friends and is often visited by the kindly couple who rescued him. They are unable to keep him, as they don’t live permanently in Cyprus, but he has a happy home here now at MCPS and rewards us with lots of affection, cuddles and purrs.