MCPS Barn Dance 2009

On Saturday 25th April the MCPS Annual Barn Dance was held

Tickets sold out very quickly well before the actual day and we had several big parties, the largest being 22. Many people entered into the spirit of Barn Dancing and came in the appropriate dress!

The caller Sue had a very nasty throat virus and really should have been at home in bed but she managed incredibly well and lasted the night running on adrenalin! She was ably assisted by her husband Graham.

The Sunshine Taverna supplied a very good buffet and there was plenty to eat before the dancing got underway. Nearly everyone took to the floor but those who didn?t, who were either too shy to dance or just unable to dance were entertained by the dancers getting tangled up together or going completely the wrong direction.

The highlight of the evening was the appearance of a newly formed group in Cyprus of Morris Dancers who were highly entertaining and must have been practising for weeks, Sue and Graham were also part of the group and had to do a quick change into their costumes.

We held our usual raffle which raised nearly ?500 and a very enterprising guest borrowed Graham?s Morris Dancing hat and went round making a collection for the sanctuary which raised another ?82. The final total after paying the band and the taverna was ?1565.34.

A big thank you to Grace for arranging the event and to Sue Dobson and Louise, her daughter, for doing the raffle. Thanks to those of you who came, I?m sure you will agree it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening while raising money for the sanctuary.

Please note that if you missed the Morris Dancers you can catch them at our Open Day on Saturday 30th May!