Cats Needing Homes


Ragnar wears collar 88 he is a ginger & white boy who came to the sanctuary in November… Read More »


Cinamon now wears collar 187 (She used to wear collar 322) and is a pretty tortie & white cat. She came to the MCPS in… Read More »


Prospero wears collar number 42 at the sanctuary he is a lovely black & white cat he came to the MCPS in… Read More »


Opal wears collar 86 at the sanctuary she is a pretty white & calico cat. Opal… Read More »


Gloria now wears collar 173, she used to wear collar 410, she is a tabby and white cat. She came to… Read More »


Nip a lovely little white & grey came to the sanctuary in July 2016. We believe he… Read More »