Hall of Fame


Eliza wears collar 274 she was found outside the sanctuary in 2016. We think… Read More »

May 2017 Kitttens

These are just a few of the MCPS kittens that all need loving homes! Could you home one of these little cuties?… Read More »


Eric, a lovely white & Tabby came to the sanctuary in March 2014 he was found… Read More »


Puzzle wears collar 343 at the sanctuary. He came to the sanctuary in September 2011 as an… Read More »


Rodney, a lovely little tabby, came to the sanctuary in March 2017. Rodney is about 6/7months old in April 2017 & he now wears collar 72 at the sanctuary. He got his name after...… Read More »


Lottie wears collar number 204 she is pretty little grey & white cat. Lottie came to the… Read More »


Libby is a pretty green eyed Tabby cat who wears collar 233 at the sanctuary. Libby came to the sanctuary in Aug 2013. She was found outside with the spaying mark on the top...… Read More »

Betty and her kittens

Betty is a lovely ginger female was found outside the sanctuary in March 2017 very heavily pregnant. Betty gave birth … Read More »


Dolly collar number 35 a pretty little brindle at the sanctuary was born approximately March 2016, she came into the sanctuary in August 2015… Read More »


Aragon wears collar number 32 at the sanctuary he was found in the… Read More »


Lilith wears collar number 142 at the sanctuary. She came in to the… Read More »