This handsome boy is Perseus – named after the mythological Greek warrior.

He wasn’t always known as that – when he was first abandoned at the sanctuary earlier this year we called him Percy but he soon got upgraded with the much grander name when we realised what a magnificent specimen he was. Perseus was found wandering around the compound one morning in April 2015 and luckily he was none the worse for his ordeal. He was and is in lovely condition so had obviously been well cared for. We think he is about 2 or 3 years old and he is extremely affectionate. He always comes to see us whenever we are at the sanctuary – he just looks up  with those lovely amber eyes and just knows he will get a little cuddle.

He must have been a much loved pet and because of this we suspect he must have belonged to a member of one of the battalions which were being repatriated around that time. He has a lovely gentle nature , is extremely laid-back and just seems to take everything in his stride.

Whilst personally we will miss him we’d love him to find a new forever home. Perseus is fully inoculated and wormed and has been neutered. If you think you can find room in your life for this very special cat please come along to visit him at the sanctuary – I’m sure you will be captivated.

Update: Perseus was homed in November 2015