Hall of Fame


Lavender wears collar 153 170 & is a pretty grey cat. We think she was born around December 2017, she came to… Read More »


Squidge wears collar 185 & is a pretty little brindle cat. We think she was born around… Read More »


Pansy wears collar 168 & is white & black cat & was one of Opals kittens. She… Read More »

Mr Grey

Mr Grey wears collar number 115 & he is a very pretty grey. He was found outside the sanctuary with… Read More »


Ellie wears collar number 61 & she is a very pretty grey & white cat. She was found in the… Read More »


Crumble wears collar number 323 & he is a pretty tabby & white cat. He… Read More »


Inky wears collar number 255 & he is a black & white cat. He… Read More »


Bethany wears collar 206 & came to the sanctuary on the 1 March 2018 as a kitten. She is a very… Read More »


Polo wears collar 160 & she came to the MCPS in May 2018 with 5… Read More »


Linos wears collar 67 & is a lovely white & tabby semi long haired cat. He came… Read More »


Sheba wears collar 115 at the sanctuary she is a very pretty fluffy ginger female who loves a… Read More »