Iris wears collar 73 & came to the sanctuary in February 2017. We think she was born around March 2016, she is a lovely tabby cat.

In March 2020 Iris became the latest edition to the MCPS Sponsorship scheme.

Iris had cataracts over both eyes when she came into the sanctuary & our vets said she had probably born this way. She can see shapes. We think but is a lovely natured little girl. Iris lives with the other special needs cats in Ashcroft Square at the sanctuary. Iris has been spayed.

Sadly in March 2018 Iris had to have one of her eyes removed due to an infection this hasn’t fazed her in the slightest.

Sad Update:  we sadly lost Iris in April 2024. RIP sweet girl. 7 years you had with us at the sanctuary & will be sorely missed.

An older photo of Iris, before she lost her eye: