Hall of Fame


Marcus wears collar 271 at the sanctuary. He is a lovely Peach & white cat. Marcus… Read More »

Kit Kat

Kit Kat came in to the sanctuary in June 2016 he is a ginger & white cat. We believe he was… Read More »


Callie wears Collar 79 at the sanctuary. Callie came in as a kitten in June 2010. We think… Read More »


Bridget wears collar 273. Bridget came to the sanctuary in late May 2016. We think she… Read More »


Badger wears collar 108 at the sanctuary. He came into the sanctuary in October 2012, he was… Read More »


Nelson wears collar 325 at the sanctuary he came to the sanctuary in September 2010 we think he was born in June 2010. He is a quiet lad but loves affection when he has...… Read More »


India wears collar 266 at the sanctuary. India is a small white & tabby cat. She came to… Read More »


Polly wears collar 60 at the sanctuary she is a white with ginger patches. Polly was found in… Read More »


Blackie a lovely female black cat wears collar 300 she came to the sanctuary with… Read More »


Tickle wears collar 100 & came to the sanctuary at the end of May 2016 she was born… Read More »


Melody wears collar 34 at the sanctuary. Melody came in to the… Read More »