Hall of Fame

Marigold & Silvester

Marigold is the long haired tabby & white cat & Silvester is the long haired Black cat Silvester was homed but sadly we lost Marigold in April 2014. Run Free Marigold at Rainbow Bridge.… Read More »


Nano was dumped at the sanctuary in September of last along with kittens… Read More »

Thelma & Friend

Thelma wore collar 221 at the sanctuary & lived at the MCPS for 4 years. Sadly we lost Thelma to Rainbow Bridge in November 2015. RIP Sweet Baby.… Read More »


Amy wears collar 125 is one of our tabby’s who is always desperate for fuss & attention.… Read More »


Siren is one of our young teenagers he got his name as he makes a noise like a siren when he meows!!… Read More »


Paddy is one of the lucky cats that has found a loving home… Read More »